My experience spans crisis communications and protecting reputations for a number of well-known names as well as long-term reputation and brand-building, and producing engaging day-to-day campaigns and communications activities.
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Bridget Aherne > 2015 > March

The power of integration

Communications planning for the Nottingham University fire where more than 60 firefighters spent the weekend battling a huge blaze started 10 months in advance. That’s not a glib, insensitive or plain wacky statement but a genuine sentiment that is testament to the hard work of the Corporate Communications team and all staff in the organisation in changing its approach to engaging with the communities they serve. Of course, we didn’t plan for a fire to devastate a £20m iconic building or for our firefighters and officers to spend three days...

Secret to eternal youth

FREE money, the secret to eternal youth and how to be successful at everything… now I’ve got your attention, welcome to my first blog post and thank you for reading this far! I’m afraid I was only playing and can’t deliver the three things suggested in the introduction but I hope my blog will be a place for you to get news, entertainment and interesting musings from my world. That world is one where I’m lucky enough to be Head of Corporate Communications and Administration for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue...