My experience spans crisis communications and protecting reputations for a number of well-known names as well as long-term reputation and brand-building, and producing engaging day-to-day campaigns and communications activities.
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PR as management

Effective communication delivers against business priorities. Bridget Aherne Communications helps organisations move activity from a tactical to strategic footing swiftly to make significant differences to what matters at pace.

People Matter

Whether its internal comms, stakeholder engagement or working with a community, the aim is to support with a strategy and tactics that have people at the heart. Modern businesses need stakeholders engaged in their cause in an authentic way to achieve success.

Planning with purpose

Proactive or reactive, communications can be planned for. Prioritise, plan and create processes to ensure PR is focused towards the outcomes you want to achieve. Preparing for issues means emergencies do not need to become a crisis.

What's going down?

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"Bridget was able to influence the internal fire service Corporate Management Board as well as the more political Fire Authority Board to move communications and public relations from a tactical to a strategic platform. She gave strong examples to evidence the difference she had made ensuring consistently high standards of professionalism. She has helped the organisation to move from being inwardly focused to consulting more widely with the communities it serves and embracing proactive, engaging communications to win public support. She is a dynamic, hard working, articulate professional who is a credit to our industry."

CIPR and IoD PR Director of the Year judging panel

CIPR Excellence Awards 2015
"Bridget is a truly professional and confident practitioner who impressed the judges with her energy and authenticity. She displayed a genuine desire to understand and analyse her clients’ businesses to ensure their success. The judges were impressed by Bridget’s focus on not only being a good PR practitioner but becoming an inspiring leader. She strives to future-proof herself and her business through professional development and CPD. Bridget embodies the future of PR, by demonstrating the importance of strategic management and thinking. The judges believe anyone who chooses to work with Bridget will benefit from this outstanding independent practitioner."

Outstanding Independent Practitioner judging panel

CIPR Excellence Awards 2018