My experience spans crisis communications and protecting reputations for a number of well-known names as well as long-term reputation and brand-building, and producing engaging day-to-day campaigns and communications activities.
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Successful business strategies that have people at their heart

How we can help

Bridget Aherne Communications can help you with a range of PR and communication needs:

  • Advising leaders, management teams and boards
  • Building and managing reputations
  • Setting business strategies
  • Managing crises, issues and emergencies
  • Creating PR and communication strategies and plans
  • Leading reviews of communication teams and functions
  • Delivering media relations activity
  • Developing effective internal communication and employee engagement
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Providing interim management support
  • Developing and delivering social media strategies
  • Facilitating events, unconferences and all kinds of awesome activities

This is a brief overview of what’s available so if there’s something you need that’s not listed, please use the contact form to find out how we can help.