My experience spans crisis communications and protecting reputations for a number of well-known names as well as long-term reputation and brand-building, and producing engaging day-to-day campaigns and communications activities.
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Secret to eternal youth

FREE money, the secret to eternal youth and how to be successful at everything… now I’ve got your attention, welcome to my first blog post and thank you for reading this far!

I’m afraid I was only playing and can’t deliver the three things suggested in the introduction but I hope my blog will be a place for you to get news, entertainment and interesting musings from my world.

That world is one where I’m lucky enough to be Head of Corporate Communications and Administration for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS), a new(ish) girl in Nottinghamshire after spending most of my life in magnificent Manchester, and I’m a makeup and fashion fanatic.

I’m deeply passionate about the important work public sector organisations do to improve communities and keen to ensure that communications, marketing and public relations fulfils the vital role it can have in achieving great things for people such as making them safer.

There’s lots to say about the world of work because it’s my life, I’ve been privileged to have some great jobs, better even than what I dreamed of growing up and, as a result of that, I believe in the potential for people to change their lives through developing themselves and others, and being part of a strong team.

My noble career ambitions are balanced by being a fiery little materialistic princess with a mild shopping compulsion, usually controlled by my physician – Dr HSBC! So there’ll be a few posts about shopping trips, both online and off, fantastic finds I make while bargain hunting or remorseful reflections when I’ve been on a splurge.

I’m a news junky and opinionated so there may the odd rant. I hope that’s a good mix of things to keep you coming back – either way, thanks for having a look.

Bridget Aherne

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